El kobold Hechicero


Muero en manos de la party, su historia esta explicada en su diario intimo en lenguage de gnomo

Written in gnomish, Tartuk’s well-worn book turns out to be a personal journal of sorts. Devoid of dates or even chronological organization it’s little more than the hate-fueled ramblings of a very angry individual. Each bilious page seems crammed from edge to edge with bitter disgust for seemingly everyone and everything in the world up to and including the author himself. The only lighter moments in the book seems to be in the gleeful descriptions of Tartuk manipulating his kin into self-destructive spirals of fear and violence. Trying to pick out a coherent narrative from this nonsensical mess is a challenge at best. With perseverance however one can eventually piece together a few key facts about the late Tartuk’s life… or lives.
If the journal can be believed, it seems that Tartuk was not hatched as a kobold—he was born a purple-haired gnome. He was flattened while trying to surrender to a group of ogres who were pillaging his home village. It seems that his unintentional self-sacrifice somehow provided his kinsmen with the time they needed to mount a defence and chase the ogres away.

Although they’d always hated and mistreated him (according to the author at least) Tartuk’s fellow villagers apparently felt sorrow at his death and unanimously voted to restore him to life—via a sacred scroll that had sat in the village treasury for years. In an ironic twist of fate, poor Tartuk was reborn as a kobold. Scandalized, the villagers didn’t know how to react. Tartuk did—as a final act of betrayal, his kinsman had conspired to turn him into one of the most hated of monsters—a kobold!. Enraged, he fled the village, only to nurse a deep grudge. Climbing into the highlands, he found a tribe of white-scaled kobolds; the Hoarfrost tribe. He joined them, used his magic and manipulative lies to rally them, and then led his new army in an attack against his old village. The resulting battle was furious, and only Tartuk survived; due to his picking off any surviving kobolds with scorching fire.

Spurned by this initial success he went on to repeat this strategy and so seek out another kobold tribe; this one a forest dwelling green-scaled tribe known as the Bitterleafs. They met their end through a combination of viscous infighting, rookery sabotage and his betrayal of them to a band of sadistic goblins.

The Sootscales were but Tartuk’s latest project. Posing as a messiah he infiltrated the tribe, undermined chief Sootscales’ leadership and led them to worship a false idol he’d collected as payment from the goblins. Using their fear and superstitious natures against them, Tartuk launched the tribe into a self-destructive crusade against the gremlins of the Old Sycamore.

His maniacal pursuit of destruction wasn’t limited to others however; hating what he’d been transformed into, Tartuk had a contingency plan if he somehow continued to survive his schemes. Tucked into the back of the journal is a arcane scroll of flight;
his journal indicates that once he’d grown tired of his second life he intended to use it to fly up as high as he could (about 2,000 feet) and then plummet to his death when the spell expired.



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