El capo de olagton


Es un humano, en lo mejor de su adultez.
Un tipo carismático y muy habil pra los negocios.
Fue la piedra fundametal del comienzo del nuevo reino.
Casado con Sharapoba, y tutor del pulga y pedrito

Un comerciante sin escrupulos a la hora de nogeciar


Oleg Leveton (Exp 4) is the middle-aged proprietor and trailblazing restorer of Oleg’s Trading Post. He is graying at his temples a bit prematurely for his 34 years. He is gruff at times and fatalistic, but he is uncanny about making good deals.

He used to work as a merchant in Restov, and for a time he hunted and trapped in the Wasted Lands.

He married his wife, the lovely blond Svetlana, less than three years ago and has a child with her.

On the third anniversary of founding day, he was awarded the title, Paragon of the Realm.


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